International House Xi’an

Learn in China with IH


Learn Chinese in China with International House Xian. Study Chinese language and culture in the great city of Xian. Xian was the ancient capital of China and is home to the world famous terracotta warriors. At IH Xian you will be immersed in Chinese language and culture. We specialize in intensive Mandarin, Business Chinese and Chinese study tours. We also recruit English teachers and interns.

In Xian it is easy to study Chinese. We set students up with language partners so they can practice in a laid back atmosphere when they are not in class.Whether you want to start an adventure teaching English abroad or study Chinese, International House is the place to be. Our Chinese language teachers are the best in Xi’an, we are sure of that. If you are looking to learn Chinese fast in a dedicated one on one or small class look no further. Xi’an is seen as the best place to learn Chinese for a few reasons. Firstly here in Xi’an we speak very good standard Mandarin or Putonghua. There is less foreign workers and learners here than in say Beijing or Shanghai, meaning you get a real immersive experience.

To find out what it is like to live here in Xi’an, check out our blog. Otherwise what are you waiting for? Whether you are looking for a homestay, hotel stay or apartment we have what you need! here are our prices. International House Xi’an welcomes you to learn Chinese in China