Our Intensive Chinese Classes cover grammar and vocabulary integrated with reading, writing, listening and speaking. Our classes are also tailor-made to bring out the best of China and Chinese culture and history, giving our students a genuine feel for life in the China and an increased desire to learn Chinese.

The lessons at International House are carefully designed to motivate students, encourage participation and rapidly improve fluency and accuracy.

Our Chinese Classes have a maximum of 15 students and, upon arrival, students’ language skills are assessed so they can be immediately assigned to their appropriate Chinese language level. Working with classmates of a similar level, students are able to develop their language fluency quickly and fully benefit from the mixture of nationalities and cultures in the program.

What our teenagers get at IH Xi’an that they won’t get anywhere else is a fun, but rigorous curriculum designed specifically for their interests and needs, as well as integrated Chinese lessons improving their knowledge of the Chinese language as well as Xi’an and Chinese culture.

All teachers at International House are certified to teach Chinese as a Second Language. The Director of Studies of the Chinese for Teenagers Program has over 10 years of Chinese language teaching experience and is a native Xi’anese.


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