As a student at International House Xi’an, you will have a variety of housing options available to you. You can chose to stay in either a Residence,  Apartment, Homestay or Hotel.



Residences are centrally located and offer rooms with one to four beds; clean, well-maintained shared bathrooms and internet access.



IH Xi’an offers a selection of private apartments for students to rent on their own or share with friends or family.You are together with students from other countries. Staying with other people gives you the opportunity to make friends easily, and to go out freely, but still have a good level of privacy and freedom.Prices vary from about $/month to about $/month. Apartments are located at the city center. Contact us for details.



If you are looking to have a more authentic living experience in Xi’an, you may want to stay in an Chinese-speaking household. Homestay is a great way for international students to immerse themselves into Chinese life, and benefit from the safety and supervision of a family. The host family will treat you as a family member, eating together and sharing the public living area.



For students who are willing to pay more and are interested in staying in a full-service hotel, there are numerous luxury accommodation options in the heart of Xi’an’s Yongrongxin district next to International House, or in nearby trendy hot spot hotels like Guang Dian Website Hotel,Yi He Palace Hetel, Home Inn etc.



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