International House Xi’an provides language training to a wide variety of companies ranging from one-man organizations and small businesses to large enterprises and corporations. No matter what kind of company you run, we can tailor a course to your organization’s specific professional needs and desires.

Each company has its own professional and language goals in mind for their staff, which dictate how we prepare each Business Chinese Training Program. Because each company is different, we will discuss your company’s goals with you and come up with the best language training solution to provide rapid improvement in your staff’s language and professional abilities. IH Xi’an takes into account the time availability, language levels and learning styles of your staff, as well as your company’s budget for training when we design a specialized program for you.

When selecting a tailor-made Business Chinese Course, a company may be concerned with concentrating on a specific context for language, such as finance, relocation or energy. IH Xi’an is ready to adapt each course to any company’s needs. However, the most common reason for choosing a tailor-made staff training course is having limited time in which staff need to improve their level of Chinese. In these cases, IH Xi’an’s In-Company Executive Chinese Courses are ideal because we can save your company time by sending our instructors to your work place. Also, your staff will develop their language skills more rapidly learning in a small group with others who share the same professional objectives and language level. IH Xian’s In-Company lessons focus on overall Chinese language improvement and in learning Business Chinese specifically to improve their level of professional communication.

IH Xi’an Executive Chinese instructors are highly qualified and experienced language teachers who also understand the business world and the language level necessary to the success of business professionals. We work with native-speaking instructors so that they can also bring cultural and social aspects of the language to the class, ensuring a well-rounded and appropriate program of study. We do our best to match the appropriate instructor to you, and their flexibility means that you can take classes when and where you need, incorporating exactly what your company needs.

The Executive Center offers courses in Business Chinese, General Chinese, Cultural Training and Specialized Professional Chinese. We guarantee that you will see a vast improvement in the speaking, listening, reading and writing skills of your employees together with an increase in confidence, communicative competence and global cultural awareness.

Business Chinese Classes can be held either at your company or at IH Xi’an’s Headquarters  and can be organized for any time during the day or evening.

Whatever you need to boost your professional Chinese, IH Xi’an provides it!

For more information, contact International House Xi’an at or +86 29 88243428.

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