Study Chinese in Xi’an City – The city of ancient Chinese civilization , historical heritage and Terracotta Warriors.

Xian City Wall, Bell & Drum Tower, Huashan Mountain, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show, Famen Temple, Hanyangling Mausoleum and much more.Xi’an  is certainly the most exciting Chinese language classroom the world has to offer and International House Xi’an takes full advantage of it for your benefit!

If you want to learn Chinese quickly, are looking to improve your general Chinese skills, prepare for HSK exam, better your job prospects with improved business Chinese skills or accelerate your language learning with private Chinese lessons, International House New Xi’an is the ideal place for you to study at any time of the year and make the most of Xi’an,the cultural and historical heritage of China.

IH Xi’an offers the following types of classes throughout the year:

  • Chinese Classes – Builds confidence and fluency in speaking, writing, reading and listening while also building grammar and vocabulary understanding and usage.
  • Chinese for HSK Exam – Specializes in building the skills needed to make good score on HSK exam.
  • Private One-to-One – Individualized private lessons catering specifically to the schedule, learning needs and goals of the student.
  • Executive Chinese – Small and individual classes for business professionals covering all aspects of business communication.


We also offer a vibrant social program for which we organize group excursions so students can have fun practicing their Chinese while taking in the sights of New York.

Whether you are a Beginner or Advanced-level Chinese learner, IH Xi’an is the ideal place to study and progress to the next level.
For information about our Business Chinese classes, visit our Executive Center.

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