International House Xi’an specializes in Summer Language Programs for students aged 12 to 18, providing supervised, residential language-study packages for young adults looking to learn Chinese and experience China. Our programs are all-inclusive, providing secure accommodation, 24-hour supervision, meals, intensive Chinese language instruction with highly qualified teachers and organized excursions to museums, art galleries, parks, theaters and monuments in Xi’an. International House’s high-quality program includes: * Intensive Chinese language instruction with Highly-qualified teachers (3 hours a day, 5 days a week) * Excursions to Xi’an’s many famous sights and attractions (7 days a week) – entry fees and local transportation included * Fantastic social program, including sports, discos and lots of opportunities to interact with students from all around the world * Safe and supervised campus accommodation, with full-board in our excellent canteens.

Chinese Classes

What sets IH Xi’an apart from other language schools is the expertise of our language teachers and the quality of our curriculum. All of our teachers are highly trained and qualified. IH Xi’an Summer Chinese Camp teachers also know how to make learning Chinese fun, practical and achievable to students of all ages and levels.
The best teaching is always made better with an engaging curriculum, which is why we’ve developed a specialized series of lessons aimed at the interests of teenage students. We will cover all of the language skills and our main focus will be on developing listening, speaking, pronunciation and vocabulary , Xi’an City and a variety of themes that teenagers respond well to, such as the popular Xi’an-based show Friends and commonly used Chinese idioms. On the first day, there’ll be a language test so that we can put you into classes with people of the same level of Chinese and there is a maximum class size of 15. Some lessons are also linked into the excursion program. Everybody gets a copy of our workbook and a certificate at the end of the course.

Excursions and Activities

We are proud of our academic program and can highly recommend our accommodation, but we know the real reason most people come to Xi’an is to experience the ancient Chinese civilization , historical heritage and Terracotta Warriors.  We offer daily excursions to the many famous places in the city . Our trips are guided by our enthusiastic and responsible team of teachers and activity leaders – who will be sure to highlight all of the places of interest, noting all the artistic, architectural, historical and cultural and keep the excursions enjoyable whilst also looking after everybody’s safety. We promise more excursions than any of the other language summer camps in China– seeing the world’s most historical city whilst developing your Chinese language skills and making friends from all over the world – who could ask for more?


Whether you choose our Ih Xi’an campus, in the vibrant heart of the City, or our hotels  you’ll find that our accommodation is safe, convenient and clean. The tasty dining options at both sites offer a variety of healthy options and teenagers’ favorites and there is no limit on quantity.

Help your children succeed in their Chinese lessons at school by sending them to IH Xi’an for an action-packed and educational study abroad experience!

For more information, contact International House Xi’an at or call us at +86 29 88243428 to speak to one of our staff.

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