International House developed the first training courses for teachers of English and has continued to innovate both in pre-service training and teacher development. Globally, the language teachers that we train are acknowledged as amongst the most able, creative and authoritative within their profession. Our teacher training program is a hallmark of excellence and outstanding professionalism.


  • Candidates who are entirely new to teaching
  • Candidates who have taught languages but with little or no previous training
  • Candidates who have taught other subjects and wish to take up language teaching
  • Candidates who have received previous training in language teaching but feel the need for a refresher course or for a more practical qualification or for a more internationally recognized qualification
  • When you enroll our Chinese Teacher Training as a foreign language,we will arrange interview for you. We will test your English level. Only can you understand and have no difficulty in communicating with our training tutor because we offer our training classes in English.


Course Objectives

Tutor offers theory of teaching skills in morning. Candidates put theory into practice in afternoon. School will arrange foreign students for candidates. You can teach them in a real teaching environment

  • After teaching practice, you can get tour’s oral and written feedback. Candidates write self-evaluation everyday and have group discussion about the development of teaching skills.
  • By the end of the course, successful candidates will have received input and feedback in the areas listed below and will have reached a standard for employment as a language teacher. Such as, good level of level language awareness, classroom skills, a good rapport with individuals and groups of learners. And the ability to motivate them by relating lessons to their needs, interests and backgrounds.


Mode of assessment

The certificate is awarded to teachers who successfully complete the three areas of the course-the course work, the written assignments and teaching practice.

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