If you have specific, individual needs, we offer very flexible courses in any aspect of General, Business or Professional Chinese. One-to-One tuition is ideal if you wish to improve your Chinese very rapidly and have a course customized specifically for you. Some typical reasons why people book One-to-One tuition:

  • for completely individualized attention
  • because you have severe scheduling or time constraints
  • to have a tailor-made program of study
  • for accelerated learning
  • because you have very job-specific needs

Before you begin your One-to-One course of study, you will have a professional needs assessment at International House. This will allow our Executive Chinese team to evaluate your language level and your professional needs in order to best match you with the teacher who can help you achieve your individual Business Chinese goals. The initial evaluation provides us with the required information to design a program that fits your learning style, background, schedule and your linguistic and professional objectives.

Some examples of our students’ linguistic and professional goals are:

  • to increase fluency and confidence when speaking in different social contexts
  • to widen his/her active vocabulary range in preparation for a new job
  • to develop better writing skills with particular reference to reports and emails

When you are a one-to-one Business Chinese Student, you can learn at your own pace and on a schedule that’s convenient for you with a program IH Xi’an has customized to your needs and learning style.

All One-to-One Executive Chinese Courses:

Executive One-to-One

One-to-One private lessons can be purchased individually or in discounted packs of 20 lessons or more for students who want specific and individualized attention. One-to-One lessons are tailor-made to what the student chooses to focus on, whether it is formal writing, grammar, conversation or an array of business Chinese skills. IH Xi’an matches One-to-One students with teachers who can best specialize in the student’s area of need.

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